Our goal is to optimize the health of our populations by translating the genomic legacy of individuals into lifestyle management and wellness choices.

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Younique Genomics is founded on the simple principle that every human being is truly unique.

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Younique Genomics is a lifestyle genomics research institute founded by a rare combination of world leaders in the fields of genetics and medicine and investors dedicated to the healthcare sector. We ascribe to the simple principle that every human being is unique. We believe that every person harbours their greatest legacy in every cell of their body…their genetic legacy.

Our mission is to provide healthcare practitioners with the most up-to-date genetic information relevant to their patients. By understanding pertinent aspects of your genetic legacy, your healthcare practitioner is better able to appreciate the individuality with which your body functions, enabling a far more personalized healthcare and lifestyle plan for you. Younique Genomics…because you are unique. 

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Youniquely You


The study of genomics is an important and exciting area of research aimed at understanding the genetic and functional uniqueness of the individual…of you. It is the study of your genes, and the unique versions you inherit, and how they coordinate the myriad of cellular and physiologic functions that define life. Importantly, the study of genomics allows us to appreciate how you uniquely respond to your environment, and conversely, how the latter elicits unique responses from your genes.

Lifestyle genomics is the study of how your unique genetic legacy converges with your lifestyle, to define you. Younique Genomics harnesses the incredible knowledge derived from studies of lifestyle genomics to better understand the minutiae of bodily functions that so uniquely define you at any given moment. By understanding pertinent aspects of your genetic legacy, your healthcare practitioner is better able to appreciate the individuality with which your body functions, enabling a far more personalized healthcare and lifestyle plan for you.

You are far more unique than you appreciate.

Our Vision


Healthier societies through healthier individuals

In every cell of our body is the culmination of a genetic legacy passed down through generations. 

This legacy, referred to as our genome, not only helps to define the myriad of cellular functions within our body, but it also provides our unique adaptive advantage in interacting and reacting to our external environment.

Decades of genetic research have confirmed the wisdom of ancients: Optimal health is achieved through appreciating the symbiotic connection between our ‘internal environment’ - how our body has been programmed to work based on its unique genomic manual - and our ‘external environment’ – dictated by life’s circumstances and the lifestyle choices we make.

 Your genetic legacy is your very own personal guide to optimizing your health and personalizing your lifestyle decisions.

As a healthcare professional committed to optimizing the lifestyle and wellbeing of your patients, you already understand the importance of personalized medicine and treating a patient as a unique individual – not as a statistic.

Using that philosophy allows you to create a road map to an outcome tailored for an individual.

Our philosophy mirrors yours: Every human being is one-of-a kind.


Younique Genomics enhances your approach to individualized healthcare by accessing your patient’s very own unique genomic manual.

It is our goal to distil the most up-to-date discoveries from the vast data stores of current and future human genome studies, to provide you with new frontiers for creating individualized and optimized lifestyle and health prescriptions for your patients.

Our Vision: Healthier societies through healthier individuals

Driven by the power of YOU™


Our genomic tests empower your clinicians to develop personalized healthcare and lifestyle plans in harmony with your genes.

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Inspired by life. Empowered by Science. Driven by Passion.

Our Team

Coupling the best minds in the field of genomics with a new generation of clinicians passionate about patient-centered integrative health.

Matthew C. Watson

Matthew C. Watson

An innovator dedicated to genetics technology.
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Mansoor S. Mohammed

Mansoor S. Mohammed

BSc (Hons Mol Gen), PhD

A pioneer in the field of Medical Genomics.
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Steve Scherer

Steve Scherer


A thought leader in Genetics and Genomics.
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Robyn Murphy

Robyn Murphy


A passionate advocate for integrative medicine.
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Emily Fitzgerald

Emily Fitzgerald


A committed activist in Naturopathic medicine.
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