Our goal is to optimize the health of our populations by translating the genomic legacy of individuals into lifestyle management and wellness choices.

Younique Genomics is founded on the simple principle that every human being is truly unique.

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Learn how the world leaders in the field of genetics discovered where our youniqueness comes from.

Our Vision

Younique Genomics is founded on the simple principle that every human being is truly one-of-a-kind, truly unique. Your individuality extends well beyond your mere external characteristics to include differences in the minutiae of your cellular functions…those that ultimately determine how you 'are', how you function, how you behave and how you survive and adapt to your environment.

Key to understanding these differences in your individual physiology and behavior is your unique inherited genetic legacy…the sum total of which is referred to as your genome. Importantly, as we continue to unravel the complexities of the human genome's sequence, structure and function, we have begun to understand that the lines between nature and nurture are less distinct than once thought. Your genetic make-up not only defines who you are, but how you interact and react to your external environment. In turn, your external environment, which significantly contributes to the environment within your body, can profoundly affect how your genome functions.

Younique Genomics is committed to distilling the most up-to-date discoveries from the vast data stores of current (and future) human genome studies. We are motivated to discover and understand the individuality of your physiology and behavior…your uniqueness… so that your healthcare practitioner might provide you with the most optimized lifestyle and wellbeing prescriptions possible.

What We Do


Younique Genomics is a lifestyle genomics company founded by a rare combination of world leaders in the fields of genetics and medicine and investors dedicated to the healthcare sector. We ascribe to the simple principle that every human being is unique. We believe that every person harbours their greatest legacy in every cell of their body…their genetic legacy.

Our mission is to provide healthcare practitioners with the most up-to-date genetic information relevant to their patients. By understanding pertinent aspects of your genetic legacy, your healthcare practitioner is better able to appreciate the individuality with which your body functions, enabling a far more personalized healthcare and lifestyle plan for you. Younique Genomics…because you are unique.

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Youniquely You


The study of genomics is an important and exciting area of research aimed at understanding the genetic and functional uniqueness of the individual…of you. It is the study of your genes, and the unique versions you inherit, and how they coordinate the myriad of cellular and physiologic functions that define life. Importantly, the study of genomics allows us to appreciate how you uniquely respond to your environment, and conversely, how the latter elicits unique responses from your genes.

Lifestyle genomics is the study of how your unique genetic legacy converges with your lifestyle, to define you. Younique Genomics harnesses the incredible knowledge derived from studies of lifestyle genomics to better understand the minutiae of bodily functions that so uniquely define you at any given moment. By understanding pertinent aspects of your genetic legacy, your healthcare practitioner is better able to appreciate the individuality with which your body functions, enabling a far more personalized healthcare and lifestyle plan for you.

You are far more unique than you appreciate.

Genetics, More Than Meets The Eye


For many of us the term genetics is now familiar. You may readily associate the uniqueness of your genetics with the list of physical features you have inherited from your parents. Maybe it's the color of your eyes, which was closer to that of dad, or the shape of your nose, which was more like mom's than dad's. You may also appreciate that individual differences in a person's genetic inheritance can play an important role in illnesses such as cancers. For example, you may be aware of the importance of genetic screening and testing for cancer risk because some individuals might carry versions of genes that increase their risk of disease. However, are you aware that right at this very moment, differences in your genetic make-up are uniquely determining your ability to focus and recall the content on this page? Moreover, at this very moment, how your body is digesting and metabolizing the latest meal or snack you ate, to what efficiency your cells are making use of the nutrients from that meal, how your body is neutralizing and removing toxins or allergens that were inadvertently present in your meal, and how you perceive the sense of contentment and satiety from your meal, are largely determined by your unique genetic legacy.


We offer an array of opportunities for physicians and patients to enable a far more personalized healthcare and lifestyle plan.


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Inspired by life. Empowered by science.

Our Innovators

Our leadership team is comprised of the best scientific minds in the field of Genomics. The collective vision to develop an easily accessible personalized healthcare service, places them at the forefront of science innovation.

Mansoor S. Mohammed

Mansoor S. Mohammed

BSc (Hons Mol Gen), PhD

A pioneer in the field of Medical Genomics.
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Helen Messier

Helen Messier


A passionate advocate for Functional Medicine.
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Steve Scherer

Steve Scherer


A thought leader in Genetics and Genomics.
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